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GrantDatacom, together with its employees, aims to provide the customers with products and services of most excellent quality. GrantDatacom persistently aspires to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. GrantDatacom also ensures compliance to local and global laws by carefully designing and developing safe and environmentally friendly products.

GrantDatacom has an outstanding reputation built upon the innovation and reliability of its products, its individualized service to customers, and its record for a high level of on-time delivery in the industry. GrantDatacom quality management system also complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. In relation to this, we also screen, qualify, and choose suppliers with quality management systems of equal rigor.

GrantDatacom exerts maximum efforts to manage and reduce adverse environmental impact in connection with company activities. They ensure that the employees have thorough understanding of quality standards and necessary environmental management. GrantDatacom has developed and maintained a workplace structured to ensure effective implementation of these quality policies for the continuous improvement of their programs and their operations as a whole. GrantDatacom is committed to environmental preservation and human rights, as these are key to healthy corporate growth.

Company Goal: To become a strategic supplier in Data-Com, Tele-Com and Optical Storage market.

Business philosophy: technology innovation, quality first, continuous improvement, integrity and pragmatic.

Company policy: demands decide development, technology creates products, procedures (system) control quality, service satisfies customer.

Company motto: Customer satisfaction & people orientation.

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