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GrantDatacom Product Warranty

Grant Datacom CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as GrantDatacom) ensures that the products listed in the following have gone through fully strict quality control from the purchase of raw materials to the whole manufacturing process. According to the following all sorts of situations and constraints, for the defective products being proved to be caused by poor raw materials or deficient manufacturing operation, GrantDatacom will provide free repairs or replacement services. Maintenance services and replacement products will be achieved in an exchange manner. The above warranty does not apply if the product damage is caused by incorrect installation, unexpected disaster, natural calamity, abuse, misuse, overvoltage-undervoltage, improper operation, undesirable environmental condition or any unauthorized disassembly, repairs or modification.


This warranty is also not applicable if the product label is modified, scrawled or removed, the package is damaged or imperfect, or the product is second-hand and so on.


The warranty guarantees that consumers can get maintenance or replacement services only when they buy defective or damaged products from GrantDatacom. For the data corruption and maintenance needs being caused by using other damaged devices in the system, and which make GrantDatacom product can not work, GrantDatacom will have no obligation to compensate and not take any responsibility. This warranty does not contain the third-party software, the relevant connected equipment and so on.



Warranty Period

3-Year Warranty for Fiber Optic Transceivers and High Performance CablesAll GrantDatacom’s transceivers and High Performance Cables have a thirty-six months warranty since the date of purchase. This limited warranty only extends to the original purchasers of GrantDatacom’s products, can not be transferred to others.



Free Technical Support

If any problems occur during installation or operation, pls contact GrantDatacom technical support center before sending the products back for maintenance.

GrantDatacom technical support   



The Procedures and Requirements For Warranty Claims

To obtain warranty services, you should return the products need for repairs to GrantDatacom Maintenance Service Center.

Please be sure you know GrantDatacom’s maintenance process before packing off. You must provide some information about the product, such as the product type, the serial number, and ensure the product label is clear and perfect, and describe the problems you encounter in using the products as thoroughly as possible, you also must show a proof of purchase (receipt, invoice or contract) indicating the purchase date to verify your product is still in the warranty period.


After obtaining an RMA number, you should deliver the product to GrantDatacom Maintenance Center. Insure that the parcel you post well packed to avoid any damage in transit. Please particularly note that if you haven’t gained an RMA number, GrantDatacom will reserve the right to return the unopened package directly to the customer.


To obtain an RMA number, please call Customer Service Email:, All returned products are GrantDatacom’s assets and GrantDatacom will pay the return transportation expense after repairing or replacing. The product warranty period about maintenance or replacement will be the remaining warranty duration of original products or 90 days after repairs, which is based on the longer.



Disclaimer of Warranty

The above content constitutes the GrantDatacom’s total warranty requirements instead of all other written or oral warranty commitments. Under the full extent allowed by law, GrantDatacom won’t admit any other warranty beyond this clause, which contains t any other national, provincial and local laws stated, inviolable, marketable or suitable for special purpose implied product warranty clauses.


GrantDatacom has not authorized its products for critical components in life-supported equipment, and any other related applications in which product failure or malfunction may result in injury or death. GrantDatacom Tech will not bear any legal responsibility for any personal casualty or property loss by using GrantDatacom’s products in military equipment, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention system or medical equipment and so on.


GrantDatacom’s product warranty is only limited to provide services of the maintenance, replacement or the Interest-free refund. In any breach of warranty terms or statute situation, GrantDatacom will take the maintenance, replacement or the Interest-free refund as the only compensation. Under the maximum extent permitted by law, GrantDatacom will not bear any legal responsibility towards purchasers or end-use customers for any expenses, data loss, revenue loss, saving loss, profits loss and any unavoidable or indirect damage by purchasing, using or being unable to use GrantDatacom’s products.

Maintenance Application

When products from GrantDatacom need maintenance, pls contact GrantDatacom maintenance center for timely maintenance service.


Please be kindly noted:

Free Maintenance Service: Products that have quality problems result in the defective product design or material using problems that lead to malfunction and have no apperance damage.


Non-Maintenance Items

l Products authenticated by Maintenance center to be not from GrantDatacom.

l Products with damaged label

l Products with artificial appearance damage


GrantDatacom Online Maintenance



Warranty Policy:


3 years


3 years


3 years


3 years


3 years

PLC Splitter

3 years


3 years

Patch cord

1 year

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